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Welcome to our company !
Offering a wide range of Ayurveda and Herbal based medicines and food supplements like Sallaki, Prostowin Capsules, Bilex, Psorolin Bathing soap, Aloe Vera Juice, Jatiphal Aristham, Prevent-D, Vita Powder, Neelibhringadi, etc.

About Us
Ayurveda is the science of happy and healthy living, which helps an individual to rediscover his own unique state of positive health while helping him meet life's challenges with renewed vitality. A company that specializes in adapting the methods and techniques of traditional science of Ayurveda to formulate and develop medicines to combat the medical challenges in the modern world is Cochin Ayurvedic Centre.

Established in 1988, Cochin Ayurvedic Centre is a world renowned manufacturer, supplier & exporter of Ayurveda based medicines, herbal medicines, natural herbal food supplements and related medicinal and herbal preparations like Sallaki, Prostowin Capsules, Bilex, Psorolin Bathing soap, Aloe Vera Juice, Jatiphal Aristham, Prevent-D, Vita Powder, Neelibhringadi, etc. We cater to the demands of domestic as well as international markets.

Cochin Ayurvedic Centre is a premier holistic center for traditional Ayurvedic medicines from south India and specialized treatments like Panchkarma. Our unique programme of Ayurvedic treatments and lifestyle enhancement sessions guide a person to experience true health of mind, body and spirit. We have a modern residential center where our team work with extra dedication and care to assure complete customer satisfaction. Here, we use our own pure & fresh herbal products as well as oil that are made in various conventional pharmacies. Original processing methods are used to retain quality and standard in the products.

We also provide quality Ayurvedic consultation through a panel of Ayurvedic doctors. We deeply study the efficiency of our Ayurvedic Products before giving to our clients. Our Ayurvedic medicines are used to cure various diseases starting from cold, cough, HIV, etc. In-depth researches are conducted to know the potential of ayurvedic medicine to treat new diseases. Beyond offering medicine, we have a mission to heal the needy and sick people by ensuring a long life. 

Product & Services Offered

Our major Ayurvedic and herbal products are:
  • Special Medicines:
    • Sallaki
    • Prostowin Capsules
    • Bilex
    • Kamilari
    • Herbal Oil for Migraine
    • Herbal Medicine for Weight Loss
    • Sallaki (German)
  • Medicines:
    • Prevent-D
    • Vita Powder
    • Neelibhringadi
  • New Medicines:
    • Psorolin Bathing soap
    • Aloe Vera Juice
    • Jatiphal Aristham
    • 777 Oil
    • Tolenorm Oil
    • Lippu Oil & Ointment
    • S.I.V.A. Drops
    • Hair Omax Capsules/Oil
    • Stonex
Additionally, we have support of highly qualified Ayurvedic doctors and they are known for proper diagnosis. Every kind of physical and mental ailment is treated by them with effective ayurvedic medicines. Basically, located in the capital city of Delhi, we are a single source for all ayurvedic remedies. Cochin Ayurvedic Centre provides you the ultimate personalized health rejuvenation experience.

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