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Ayurvedic Capsules

Ayurvedic Capsules
Ayurvedic Capsules
Product Code : AC 17
Product Description


An efficient solution for Prostate Gland enlargement is offered in 30 nos. capsules

Description: PROSOTWIN is a very exceptional mixture of diverse barks & roots of therapeutic plants. This blend is copied from the documents of prehistoric times. PROSTOWIN is an outcome fabricated from nature’s own resources.

This medicine comprises of 10 herbal components. All the components give in their qualities in total to this mixture of non-toxic completely herbal remedy.

An effectual solution for prostate gland growth & frequent turmoil of the genitourinary tract.

Each capsule / tabs is fabricated out of following reasons:
  • Urinary indications
  • Unfinished emptying
  • Regularity
  • Intermittence
  • Exigency
  • Feeble flow
  • Straining
  • Nocturia
Lajalu 0.05 gm Gokshura 0.05 gm
Kramukam 0.05 gm Aerandamulam 0.05 gm
Sathavari 0.05 gm Nala 0.05 gm
Kusa 0.05 gm Kassa 0.05 gm
Ekshumoolam 0.05 gm Yavaksharam 0.05 gm
Kandasari 0.25 gm  

Systemic signs connected to urinary tract: Prolonged standing outlet obstacle frequently results in vesicoureteral reflux and dilation of the higher tracts with hydronephrosis. Upper abdominal uneasiness and side tenderness or aches may arise during emptiness, continuous vesicoureteral reflux and broadcast of elevated pressure to renal failure and signs of uremia may take place. Such signs comprises of unending fatigue, loss of hunger and somnolence.

Signs not related to urinary tract:
A patient with BPH may also show signs not openly connected to the urinary tract. These comprises of hernia hemorrhoids and other symptoms of amplified abdominal stress and damaging during voiding patients with hernia and hemorrhoids, if in the suitable age group, should be observed for existence of BPH. An exceptionally huge prostate might create problems with an alteration in the ability of bowel movements.

Direction of Use:
One Tabsule / capsule 2 times daily post food with a glass full of fully ripened coconut water or barley water or as prescribed by the doctor. Bare minimum suggested time for treatment.
Upto 50 years age - 50 capsules or tablets
Between 50-75 years age -75 capsules or tablets
Above 75 years age - 100 capsules or tablets.

The patients should consume a glass of fully ripe coconut water or barley water with each capsule/ tabsule.


  • The medication is entirely harmless and has no counter effects
  • No surgery needed
  • No pain remedy and
  • Provides instant relief in almost 70 % Cases.
  • If PSA test turns out to be positive then it is not efficient
  • If decaying due to wound then not helpful
  • If surgery happened - Not effective
  • If the patients are troubled from diabetes, heart disease and paralysis then there is a possibility of re-incidence, in such cases the cure must be sustained
  • If the patient is cathedrised watch pour of urine for one day, if usual then discontinue cathedrisation and carry on with the medicine.
Presentation: Tubules in 30 nos. and Capsules in 30 nos. are available in blister pack.